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Challenge 86 Voting

We have a great turn out of 65 icons for this challenge. Thank you to everyone who entered. Voting will last until Saturday April 17th Midnight BST

Please vote for up to EIGHT icons in the poll provided, thanks. :)

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Painted lady

Challenge 86 - Sir Joshua Reynolds

The challenge this time is the art of the Georgian painter Sir Joshua Reynolds. His beautiful attention to detail on the gowns of some of the ladies he painted look almost real.

Sir Joshua Reynolds (July 16, 1723 – February 23, 1792) was the most important and influential of eighteenth-century English painters, specialising in portraits and promoting the "Grand Style" in painting which depended on idealization of the imperfect. He was one of the founders and first President of the Royal Academy. George III appreciated his merits and knighted him in 1769.

I am going to make the time for this challenge three weeks for you to submit entries, with Easter coming up I am sure people will be busy, so entries for this challenge are due by Tuesday April 13th Midnight EST

There is a huge Joshua Reynolds pic spam under the cut, lol. I have only used ladies and children because they were the prettiest, but you can find images of men he painted and use them if you like.

Entries : 65

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Challenge 85 Reminder

You still have a few more days to get entries in for challenge 85. Thank you for the entries so far. We have a very nice 48! Still plenty of room for more if you feel like having a go. :D You have until midnight EST Tuesday March 9th.

Entry post is HERE

Challenge 85 - Couples

I know Valentine's day has come and gone but it is never too late for a bit of romance, lol. This challenge is all about the love :P I have posted a selection of caps of heroes and heroines together.

Details, caps and info under the cut.

Entries due Tuesday March 9th midnight EST.

Entries : 55

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